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We know what it takes to grow and succeed in the business world

After long international careers among Leading Global Corporations paralleled with Professional Education activities in leading Universities and Business Schools, a group of executives concluded about the “success factors” that anyone should dominate to become a relevant professional.

These executives developed new e-Learning Models built from the needs of the Employers in order to close the existing gap between the actual theoretical education and the real business performance requirements.

We operate from our offices in Lima and Madrid

We operate from our offices in Lima and Madrid

The Team brings an extensive combined experience within the Corporate and Recruiter side and also from the Education world


Education Centers

The Management Team share the same passion and principles to improve the quality of Learning, the performance of Businesses and people’s lives

Juan Santodomingo Díaz
Juan Santodomingo Díaz

Laila Escudero Lam
Laila Escudero Lam

Daniel Lanao Sánchez
Daniel Lanao Sánchez

Aryana Huaylla
Aryana Huaylla
Chief of Business

Our Core Values are our DNA and define Who we are, What we do,
How we do it and Why

Passion for Education

We are Passioned about Education and focused in helping people become better professionals and improve their lives.


We are driven by Infinite doses of Curiosity that pushes us to be in the constant search of the best Learning solutions.

Critical Thinking

Our Analytical and Critical Thinking shape our understanding of the world in order to challenge the general wisdom in our search of the truth.


We believe the world cannot thrive if we all do things in the same way. Innovation and risk taking are at the top of our premises.


We embrace Education as a way to improve people’s lives, but we detest the lack of Honesty when Education is used to simply make money.

Giving Back

Our personal mission is to Give Back to society through the accumulated knowledge and experience over our lives.